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Candles are a basic tool that has grown to mean so much more to us today

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From celebrating a birth, to the final passing of a loved one, candles are a part of not only everyday life but also the celebrations we hold so dear. They are a a simple, functional item that is also a symbol of purity and power...of strength and grace. Fire has long been a thing that has inspired poets and warriors alike, and nowadays we have tamed it to preserve the memories of our own private and personal events.

In years gone by, it was the only source of lighting available. Today, not only do we use the candle as casual lighting, but almost all of our celebrations and rites of passage would not be complete without the simple and yet enormous presence of the candle in all of its varied shapes, sizes, colors and scents. Often it is merely decoration, yet other times decor like water or garden candles itself holds a specific meaning through its size, shape,

Whether you are looking to create a specific memory at your next special occasion, or looking for the right accent for the bare table or wall in your home, take the time to browse through the information provided here. You will find many unique services and information to expand your candle knowledge and expertise.